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Who are we?

Spinning Earth
I.I.S Consultancy is an independent company with 20 years experience in the sales and procurement of seafood from producers around the world.

We offer food solutions for foodservice, retail and manufacturers. With direct contacts with numerous factories world wide we are sure we can source what you are looking for! Whether you buy in containers or single pallets contact us.  We can be of service. No job is too small. All our customers count!

Our aim?

We create partnerships between customers and factories thus cutting the middlemen out. This gives all parties greater control and peace of mind in an ever changing world and having I.I.S as your mutual contact makes communication easier and quicker and giving all parties an independent expert who remains neutral!

This direct contact also enables you to offer your customers the highest quality while the factories also ensure their future as your supplier.


We can offer not only the best products from the best suppliers but also available to you is our knowledge and experience in the fields of legislation, packaging and technical support. So whether you are 'new' into this field or looking to 'save costs' we can assist!

The next step?

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